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Whorrey Potter and the sorcerers balls

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"One of the most anticipated movies of the year, Whorrey Potter & the Sorcerer's Balls is the first ever 3D gay porn feature film, and was shot in Budapest, Stockholm, London, New York and Fire Island. Luke Marcum plays Whorrey Potter, a young hero who must find the Sorcerer's Balls before they get into the hands of the evil Voldemorecock, played by hunky Matthew Rush. Along the way Whorrey encounters Himmione (Cameron Adams), Ron "Weasy" (Eddie Diaz), Professor Queerel (Ryan Raz), the mega-muscled protector of the Sorcerer's Balls (Robert Van Damme), and Fag Hagrid (Mimi Imfurst). The plot closely follows that of the original movie. Whorrey (with the help of his friends) must find the Sorcerer's Balls before the evil Voldemorecock gets his hands on it. But, instead of playing chess and other more "common" challenges, the three leads have to complete several sexual challenges before Whorrey can successfully get to the balls. Dominic Ford was wise in casting A-list models with solid on-screen credits for the sex scenes, because performers like these can rise above any kind of silly setting and make the action come worthy. Even Marcum, whose experience pales when compared to Rush or Van Damme, offers up some magical movements. Whether that happened because of Ford, the other models, or both is irrelevant; the point is that he's pretty damn great. The movie features floating cocks (thanks to the Invisibility Cloak), a mind-boggling double anal penetration threesome while all three leads are floating in the air, and really hot sex between all the cast members. The visuals are truly stunning, and most of the action takes place in an amazing castle. While you can view this Blu-ray of Whorrey Potter & the Sorcerer's Balls in standard 2D, to experience it in 3D you'll need a 3D HD-TV, 3D Blu-ray player, and active shutter or passive polarized glasses for 3D playback. This is a must have. It's great for parties or to get hot to by yourself, and is the perfect gift for any collector."

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