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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
x264HD12 Monkeys S01E04 NLSubs100TelevisionZZzz5 years, 4 months1.86 GBNZB
x264HDLife (2009) S01E030Documentaryzzzozzzo1 decade, 5 monthsn/a    
x264HDIt's A Wonderful Life (1946) 720p0Dramazzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDGone with the Wind (1939) 720p0Dramazzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDLife (2009) S01E060Documentaryzzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDLife (2009) S01E080Documentaryzzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDSteven Seagal: Lawman S01E020Actionzzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDLife (2009) S01E090Documentaryzzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDLife (2009) S01E100Documentaryzzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDBarry Lyndon (1975)0Dramazzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDDe Storm (2009)0Dramazzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDThe Seven Samurai (1954) 720p0Actionzzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDMagnolia (1999) 720p0Dramazzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDDarwin''s Darkest Hour (2009) 1080p0zzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDThirst (2009) 720p0Dramazzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDLa double vie de Véronique (720p)0Dramazzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDM (Fritz Lang) (1931) 720p0Crimezzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDThe Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans (2009) *720p*0Dramazzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDThe Ten Commandments (1956) 720p0Adventurezzzozzzo1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDRide with the Devil (1999) 1080p0Dramazzzozzzo1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDAndrey Rublyov (1966) 720p0Dramazzzozzzo1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDJiskefet - Heb Je Nog Geneukt Tour 2010 (VPRO)0Comedyzzzozzzo1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDDoctor Zhivago (1965) 720p0Dramazzzozzzo1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDProfound Desires of the Gods (1968)0Dramazzzozzzo1 decade, 3 weeksn/a    
x264HDCemetery Junction (2010) 720p0Dramazzzozzzo9 years, 11 monthsn/a    
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