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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
FLACVA - 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die (0471 - 0480) [FLAC]1Compilationmixmaster20 minutes, 47 seconds4.28 GBNZB
FLACEmily Jane White - Immanent Fire -2019- repost2DiverseMusixMan49 minutes, 17 seconds241.4 MBNZB
FLACVA-100x Winter 2012-(2012)-5CD-Smaddy [REPOST]0CompilationSmaddy753 minutes, 47 seconds2.71 GBNZB
FLACBlues Band - 2018 - The Rooster Crowed3BluesThePingPong3 hours, 16 minutes327.46 MBNZB
FLACBernstein Complete Naxos Recordings (Alsop) 8 cd's4ClassicalHowdy3 hours, 34 minutes2.04 GBNZB
FLACBernstein Conducts Great Marches (Remastered) 24-442ClassicalHowdy3 hours, 37 minutes401.47 MBNZB
FLACAndré Rieu - Happy Days (2019) FLAC4ClassicalLockStock3 hours, 43 minutes441.22 MBNZB
FLACNeal & The Vipers - 2018 - One Drunken Kiss2BluesThePingPong3 hours, 57 minutes466.54 MBNZB
FLACNana Mouskouri - Electrola… Das Ist Musik! (3 CD) (2019) [FLAC]6PopFreeRadio5 hours, 25 minutes1.08 GBNZB
FLACSimple Minds-Rejuvenation 2001-2014-(2019)-7CD-Smaddy6RockSmaddy711 hours, 31 minutes2.74 GBNZB
FLACVA-Humo 18 Kerstsongs Met Kerstballen-(2012)-Smaddy2RockSmaddy711 hours, 31 minutes368.63 MBNZB
FLACVA-100x Winter 2012-(2012)-5CD-Smaddy4CompilationSmaddy711 hours, 31 minutes2.34 GBNZB
FLACVA-100x Kerst-(2012)-5CD-Smaddy8CompilationSmaddy711 hours, 31 minutes2.17 GBNZB
FLACMumford & Sons Collection inclusief live sets2PopQuantumcva13 hours, 42 minutes3.45 GBNZB
FLACChris Rea - On The Beach [FLAC] (verzoekje Id34)2Popmixmaster15 hours, 11 minutes526.19 MBNZB
FLACNils Lofgren - Acoustic Live [FLAC] (verzoekje Id34)10Rockmixmaster15 hours, 27 minutes688.23 MBNZB
FLACEmily Jane White - Immanent Fire -2019-11DiverseMusixMan16 hours, 36 minutes241.41 MBNZB
WAVMos Def - Black On Both Sides (1999)1HiphopPaaldanser17 hours, 9 minutes586.28 MBNZB
FLACDon Henley - One Of These Nights Live10RockQuantumcva22 hours, 55 minutes533.84 MBNZB
FLACIsrael Kamakawiwo'ole7CompilationQuantumcva23 hours, 42 minutes353.51 MBNZB
FLACThe XX Compilatie2DiverseQuantumcva23 hours, 55 minutes1.21 GBNZB
FLACVA - 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die (0461 - 0470) [FLAC]8Compilationmixmaster1 day, 15 minutes3.88 GBNZB
FLACJoe Walsh Complete collection10RockQuantumcva1 day, 27 minutes2.77 GBNZB
FLACLewis Capaldi - Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent (Extended Edition)5PopQuantumcva1 day, 1 hour330.44 MBNZB
FLACEagles - Hell Freezes Over [FLAC] (verzoekje Id34)9Rockmixmaster1 day, 12 hours764.58 MBNZB
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