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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
MP3 Chris Cornell - Songbook-(Live)13Rockjlp8 years, 6 months133.69 MBNZB
MP3 Eric Burdon en the Animals - live Eindhoven-Alkmaar2RockBlackFarmer8 years, 5 months141.46 MBNZB
MP3 Eric Burdon en The Animals - The best '66 - '686RockBlackFarmer8 years, 5 months75.46 MBNZB
MP3 Eric Burdon en The Animals - The Twain Small Meet4RockBlackFarmer8 years, 5 months101.37 MBNZB
MP3 Eric Burdon en The New Animals - Live At The Coach House (DVD Rip)3RockBlackFarmer8 years, 5 months205.08 MBNZB
MP3`77 [Hard Rock / Classic Rock][verzoek]7Rockkilroy44 years, 6 months449.61 MBNZB
MP3`T Merretkoer - `t Fees geit weijer (2000)15Roadrunner6 years, 6 months118.71 MBNZB
MP3`t Merretkoer - `t Fees geit weijer (2000)10Roadrunner5 years, 9 months117.21 MBNZB
MP3- Discography - Barbra Steisand13DiverseMadonnafreak6 years, 5 months6.29 GBNZB
MP3- RA TOP 50 April 2013 -7Dancecycas7 years, 2 weeks824.6 MBNZB
MP3- RA TOP 50 Februari 2013 -7Dancecycas7 years, 2 months429 KBNZB
MP3- RA TOP 50 januari 2013 -6Dancecycas7 years, 2 months1 KBNZB
MP3- RA TOP 50 March 2013 -11Diversecycas7 years, 1 month917.92 MBNZB
MP3- RA TOP 50 May 2013 -5Diversecycas6 years, 11 months878.02 MBNZB
MP3- REPOST - Conny Vandenbos - Zingt Janis Ian (1980)14Dutchanoniempje8 years, 5 months116.94 MBNZB
MP3- RESIDENT ADVISOR top 50 - BEST OF 2012 -6Dancecycas7 years, 2 months1 KBNZB
MP3-- Empire of the Sun, "Ice on the Dune" (2013) Synthpop (aanrader)27PopNachtuil6 years, 10 months105.91 MBNZB
MP3---REPOST--- Drafi Deutscher - Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht11ClassicsStarky8 years, 4 months37.81 MBNZB
MP3--On the first day god created-- Masters of rave - Are you with me9TechnoRobbedobby6 years, 1 month13.06 MBNZB
MP3-= 80's Dance =- DeMar - "O" My God Mix4DiscoMarcelloDH6 years, 9 months59.36 MBNZB
MP3-= 80's Dance =- DeMar - Exceptional Eighties Mix 27DanceMarcelloDH7 years, 1 month71.07 MBNZB
MP3-= Disco =- DeMar - Donna Summer Tribute Mix (The uptempo songs)13DiscoMarcelloDH8 years, 1 week48.99 MBNZB
MP3-= Disco =- DeMar - Go Go Cowley Mix15DiscoMarcelloDH8 years, 8 months66.6 MBNZB
MP3-= Goa Trance =- DeMar - DeMar Goes Goa Vol. 112TranceMarcelloDH8 years, 3 months74.31 MBNZB
MP3-= House =- DeMar - Rave The 90's (The early years edition)6CompilationMarcelloDH8 years, 6 months97.37 MBNZB
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