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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
WINThe Lake House - Children of Silence Collector's Edition8AdventureHoodlum2 hours, 51 minutes719.59 MBNZB
WINThe Artifact of The Pharaoh Solitaire9CardsHoodlum21 hours, 35 minutes262.83 MBNZB
WINTravel Mosaics 12 Majestic London NL6PuzzleKwiebus651 day, 5 hours201.09 MBNZB
WINShopping Clutter 6 - Love is In The Air8AdventureHoodlum2 days, 8 minutes194.62 MBNZB
WINThe Unseen Fears (5) - Ominous Talent Collector's Edition19AdventureHoodlum2 days, 4 hours762.96 MBNZB
WINThe Sims 4 Update v1.60.54 + DLC Tiny Living Stuff Pack18SimulationHoodlum3 days, 41 minutes454.13 MBNZB
WINGrim Legends trilogie NL30AdventureKwiebus653 days, 20 hours2.79 GBNZB
WINSchilderen op nummer 513PuzzleKwiebus653 days, 20 hours58.56 MBNZB
WINTravel Mosaics 12 - Majestic London HD5PuzzleHoodlum4 days, 2 hours223.47 MBNZB
WINExploring Dinosaurs (Jigsaw Puzzle)5PuzzleHoodlum5 days, 19 hours39.72 MBNZB
WINCrossroads.Inn.MULTi3-ElAmigos1SimulationThePingPong5 days, 21 hours6.11 GBNZB
WINThe.Long.Dark.MULTi18-ElAmigos10ActionThePingPong5 days, 21 hours5.79 GBNZB
WINNVidia Pinball - Soldier of The Universe12SimulationHoodlum6 days, 2 hours681.03 MBNZB
WIN3D Ultra Pinball - Creep Night8SimulationHoodlum6 days, 2 hours569.42 MBNZB
WINForza horizon 4 requests0Racenova6 days, 8 hours3 KBNZB
WINDragon Ball Z Kakarot Ultimate Edition MULTi13 - ElAmigos7ActionBill6 days, 9 hours33.64 GBNZB
WINGrim Legends 3 The Dark City14Strategyzombienation6 days, 12 hours983.11 MBNZB
WINNorthland Heroes - The Missing Druid10ActionHoodlum6 days, 19 hours910.83 MBNZB
WINLuxor Games Bundle DeLuxe NL + ENG3ActionHoodlum6 days, 19 hours656.85 MBNZB
WINNorthern Tale Bundle DeLuxe NL10ActionHoodlum6 days, 20 hours1.49 GBNZB
WINEdge of Reality 6 - Mark of Fate CE - NL22AdventureKwiebus651 week, 2 hours1.13 GBNZB
NDSMortal Kombat 11 [NSP]4ActionStuffmeisther1 week, 6 hours24.5 GBNZB
WINSecret City (4) - Chalk of Fate Collector's Edition28AdventureHoodlum1 week, 1 day1.29 GBNZB
WINCaveman Tales Collector's Edition HD6ActionHoodlum1 week, 1 day243.94 MBNZB
WINNo Man's Sky v2.243ActionHoodlum1 week, 1 day9.25 GBNZB
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