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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
MP3Mijn Kerst collectie (1450 mp3)16ReligiousBertusPoster1 month, 3 weeks9.68 GBNZB
MP3My collection of Christmas Songs16ReligiousBertusPoster2 months, 1 week5.26 GBNZB
MP3The Golden Earrings - Greatest Hits26DutchBertusPoster3 months, 1 week106.03 MBNZB
MP3The Ivy League - Sound Of The Ivy League10PopBertusPoster3 months, 1 week66 MBNZB
MP3The Fortunes - The Golden Hits22PopBertusPoster3 months, 3 weeks89.16 MBNZB
MP3Heintje (Simons)13DutchBertusPoster3 months, 3 weeks93.56 MBNZB
MP3Andrew Lloyd Webber - Evita (2LP)8DiverseBertusPoster3 months, 3 weeks274.39 MBNZB
MP3Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River20PopBertusPoster3 months, 3 weeks81.42 MBNZB
MP3Diversen - Do You Remember - 32 Golden Oldies From The Sixties (2LP)14PopBertusPoster3 months, 3 weeks246.75 MBNZB
MP3John Denver - Zijn Grootste Successen (2LP)21PopBertusPoster3 months, 3 weeks193.35 MBNZB
MP3John Woodhouse - 24 Karaat (2LP)11DutchBertusPoster3 months, 3 weeks175.24 MBNZB
MP3Mr. Acker Bilk - Romantic Clarinet9WorldBertusPoster3 months, 3 weeks162 MBNZB
MP3The Platters - Only You Vol.28PopBertusPoster4 months, 1 day116.16 MBNZB
MP3The Beatles - A Collection of Beatles Oldies15PopBertusPoster4 months, 1 day110.52 MBNZB
MP3The Beatles - 1967-1970 (2LP)11PopBertusPoster4 months, 1 day272.69 MBNZB
MP3Percy Sledge - The Best Of17PopBertusPoster4 months, 1 day98.21 MBNZB
MP3CCR - Creedence Clearwater Revival13PopBertusPoster4 months, 1 day95.31 MBNZB
MP3The Walker Brothers - Hitsounds18PopBertusPoster4 months, 4 days95.28 MBNZB
MP3The Hollies - The Best Of20PopBertusPoster4 months, 4 days89.6 MBNZB
MP3The Mama's and The Papa's - The Best Of18PopBertusPoster4 months, 4 days95.47 MBNZB
MP3The Mama's and The Papa's - Papas & Mamas15PopBertusPoster4 months, 4 days102.48 MBNZB
MP3LP-The Searchers - Second Take8PopBertusPoster4 months, 1 week78.83 MBNZB
MP3LP-The Maskers - Greatest hits12DutchBertusPoster4 months, 1 week95.37 MBNZB
MP3LP-Nana Mouskouri - Greatest Hits10PopBertusPoster4 months, 1 week96.99 MBNZB
MP3LP-Ekseption - Ekseption23DutchBertusPoster4 months, 1 week81.5 MBNZB