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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
MP3Prog/Metal Juxebox - Collection So Far7RockHarvestOfSoul4 days, 1 hour2.95 GBNZB
MP3Jbc - Verzoeken7DiverseHarvestOfSoul4 days, 5 hours1.34 GBNZB
DVD9Frank Marino - Live in Agora Theatre [2019, Hard-Rock, Blues-Rock, DVD5 + 2x DVD9]21MusicHarvestOfSoul5 days, 2 hours19.04 GBNZB
FLACArt Pepper - Some Album Collection7JazzHarvestOfSoul5 days, 19 hours6.96 GBNZB
MP3Bad Dreams - Collection6RockHarvestOfSoul6 days, 26 minutes1.74 GBNZB
FLACAhmad Jamal - A Collection Of Some Albums10JazzHarvestOfSoul6 days, 2 hours7.26 GBNZB
MP3Ewout - 6 albums7RockHarvestOfSoul6 days, 18 hours1.37 GBNZB
MP3Medea (Casual Silence) - Discography - 2002-2020 (4 CD) MP36RockHarvestOfSoul6 days, 22 hours744.38 MBNZB
DVD5Dvda Marillion - Script For A Jester's Tear - 1983/2020 DTS / Stereo12MusicHarvestOfSoul1 week, 2 days6.76 GBNZB
MP3Marillion script for a jester's tear (4CD) 1983/2020 MP315RockHarvestOfSoul1 week, 3 days526.9 MBNZB
MP3Great Metal/Prog Songs Over More Than 10 And 20 Minutes Long12RockHarvestOfSoul1 week, 3 days2.35 GBNZB
MP3Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - What's Next ( Two Times The only One mp3 Versions )6RockHarvestOfSoul1 week, 4 days314.89 MBNZB
DTSCamel - The Snow Goose ( Dvda + dts wav,s )8RockHarvestOfSoul1 week, 5 days3.18 GBNZB
DTSThe Alan Parsons Project / Pyramid DTS [DVDA][UP][LP]7RockHarvestOfSoul1 week, 5 days5.15 GBNZB
MP3The Pineapple Thief - Discography9RockHarvestOfSoul2 weeks, 18 hours6.08 GBNZB
DVD5Ayreon - Electric Castle Live and Other Tales [2020, Progressive Metal, Rock, Documentary, ( 2x dvd 5 )9MusicHarvestOfSoul3 weeks, 2 hours9.48 GBNZB
Blu-rayAyreon - Electric Castle Live and Other Tales [2020, Progressive Metal, Rock, Documentary, Blu-ray, 1080p]14MusicHarvestOfSoul3 weeks, 21 hours49.52 GBNZB
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