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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
360Portal 2 - XBox3607PuzzleShEkStEr1 month, 1 week6.62 GBNZB
3602Gears of War Judgment RE-UP XBox 3604ActionShEkStEr3 months, 2 weeks8.43 GBNZB
3602Gears of War XBox 3601ActionShEkStEr3 months, 2 weeks6.07 GBNZB
3602Kings Quest XBox 3603AdventureShEkStEr3 months, 2 weeks8.77 GBNZB
3602Gears of War Judgment XBox 3605ActionShEkStEr3 months, 2 weeks7.24 GBNZB
3602Gears of War 2 XBox 3602ActionShEkStEr3 months, 2 weeks7.24 GBNZB
3601BlackSite Area 51 XBox 3601ActionShEkStEr3 months, 2 weeks5.41 GBNZB
3601Avatar The Game XBox 3602AdventureShEkStEr3 months, 2 weeks7.05 GBNZB
3601Army of two - The devils cartel XBox 3600ActionShEkStEr3 months, 2 weeks7.67 GBNZB
3601Alan Wake XBox 3600ActionShEkStEr3 months, 2 weeks6.73 GBNZB
3601Open season XBox 3606AdventureShEkStEr4 months, 3 days7.21 GBNZB
3601Rise of the Guardians XBox 3601ActionShEkStEr4 months, 3 days6.42 GBNZB
3601Pinball Williams Classic XBox 3606ActionShEkStEr4 months, 3 days4.76 GBNZB
3601Borderlands the pre-seque XBox 360l0ActionShEkStEr4 months, 3 days8.21 GBNZB
3601Majin and the forsaken kingdom REPOST XBox 3608ActionShEkStEr4 months, 1 week7.5 GBNZB
3601Murdered soul suspect XBox 3602ActionShEkStEr4 months, 1 week8.53 GBNZB
3601Payday 2 XBox 3601ActionShEkStEr4 months, 1 week7.23 GBNZB
3601Remember me XBox 3602ActionShEkStEr4 months, 1 week8.73 GBNZB
3601Splatterhouse XBox 3603ActionShEkStEr4 months, 1 week7.53 GBNZB
3601Call of Juarez 2 BOUND IN BLOOD3ActionShEkStEr4 months, 1 week6.75 GBNZB
3601Fable Anniversary XBox 3606ActionShEkStEr4 months, 1 week8.36 GBNZB
3601Destiny the taken king XBox 3600ActionShEkStEr4 months, 1 week8.28 GBNZB
3601MorphX XBox 3601ActionShEkStEr4 months, 1 week7.58 GBNZB
3601METRO last light XBox 3600ActionShEkStEr4 months, 1 week8.08 GBNZB
3601REQUEST Gears of war 3 - rar 75 -142 +25% PAR2 XBOX 3603FamilyShEkStEr4 months, 1 week4.63 GBNZB
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