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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
DVD5THE IRON SHERIFF (1957) western12WesternHappyfeet4 hours, 10 minutes2.88 GBNZB
DVD5The Falcon and the Snowman 1985 NL subs5ThrillerRickP6 hours, 6 minutes4.59 GBNZB
DVD5The Night Clerk (2020) NL RETAIL DVD 5 RELEASE JULI 202019CrimeParkiet16 hours, 4 minutes3.77 GBNZB
DVD5The Night Clerk (2020) NL RETAIL DVD 5 RELEASE JULI 20204CrimeParkiet16 hours, 17 minutes3.77 GBNZB
DVD5The War 1994 NL subs8RickP1 day, 6 hours4.61 GBNZB
DVD5A Brief History of Errol Morris 2000 NL subs1DocumentaryRickP2 days, 6 hours3.88 GBNZB
DVD5All of Us (2019-2020) NL RETAILS DVD 5 RELEASE JUNI 20208DramaParkiet2 days, 17 hours4.57 GBNZB
DVD5Lego Jurassic World Legend Of Isla Nublar (2019-2020) NL RETAIL (2 X DVD 5)25AdventureParkiet2 days, 17 hours9.35 GBNZB
DVD5The Ladies man 1961 NL subs Jerry lewis5ComedyRickP3 days, 6 hours4.57 GBNZB
DVD5Archive.2020.HD2DVD DVD5 nl subs30Science FictionKrone4 days, 57 minutes3.7 GBNZB
DVD5The Thing Called Love 1993 NL subs3ComedyRickP4 days, 5 hours4.56 GBNZB
DVD5The Wave (2019-2020) NL RETAIL DVD511ComedyParkiet5 days, 4 hours4.03 GBNZB
DVD5Greyhound (2020) DD5.1 DVD5 NL Sub48WarCrionics5 days, 4 hours3.46 GBNZB
DVD5IT STARTED WITH A KISS (1959) dvd11ComedyHappyfeet5 days, 4 hours4.38 GBNZB
DVD5Coastwatcher 1989 NL subs13WarRickP5 days, 6 hours3.57 GBNZB
DVD5Mylene farmer music video's8MusicDiscovery5 days, 20 hours4.72 GBNZB
DVD5Donna Donna 19874ComedyRickP6 days, 6 hours4.47 GBNZB
DVD5American Ninja V (1993)5ActionDiscovery6 days, 20 hours4.71 GBNZB
DVD5Fête de Famille (2019-2020) NL RETAIL DVD 531ComedyParkiet1 week, 2 hours4.19 GBNZB
DVD5Funhouse (2019-2020) NL RETAIL DVD 56HorrorParkiet1 week, 2 hours4.1 GBNZB
DVD5Astronaut (2019) NL RETAIL DVD 5 RELEASE JUNI 202011DramaParkiet1 week, 3 hours4.17 GBNZB
DVD5The Barge People (2018-2020) NL RETAIL DVD 5 RELEASE JUNI 20206HorrorParkiet1 week, 4 hours3.86 GBNZB
DVD5Daughter of the Wolf (2019-2020) NL RETAIL DVD 5 RELEASE JUNI 202045ActionParkiet1 week, 4 hours3.55 GBNZB
DVD5One-Eyed Jacks 1961 NL subs9WesternRickP1 week, 6 hours4.37 GBNZB
DVD5The Curse of the Jade Scorpion 19804ComedyRickP1 week, 1 day3.96 GBNZB
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