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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
ePubApollo 06 - L. Ron Hubbard - Wereldoorlog 3 [1940]14Science FictionKatteman16 hours, 35 minutes995 KBNZB
ePubPerry Rhodan 1750 - Karavanen van de vertwijfelden16Science FictionPetsch02316 hours, 54 minutes3.42 MBNZB
ePubPerry Rhodan - 26e Cyclus - Deel 1750 - 1799 - De Covers9Science FictionPetsch02318 hours, 17 minutes32.06 MBNZB
ePubPerry Rhodan 0091 - De terugkeer van Ernst Ellert (HB) (V2)12Science FictionBob4 days, 14 minutes590 KBNZB
ePubApollo 05 - Michael Knerr - Sex-leven van de Goden [1962]20Science FictionKatteman1 week, 18 hours1.04 MBNZB
ePubKurt Vonnegut - De grote pianola8Science FictionHowdy1 week, 1 day988 KBNZB
ePubKurt Vonnegut - Galapagos12Science FictionHowdy1 week, 1 day865 KBNZB
ePubKurt Vonnegut - Sirenen van titan9Science FictionHowdy1 week, 1 day897 KBNZB
ePubStephenson, Neil - De alchemist45Science FictionRandalThor1 week, 2 days974 KBNZB
ePubPerry Rhodan Archief, Repost Mei 2020, Deel 5 van 52AdventureTonnyTonny1 week, 2 days3.34 GBNZB
ePubPerry Rhodan Archief, Repost Mei 2020, Deel 4 van 50AdventureTonnyTonny1 week, 2 days2.96 GBNZB
ePubPerry Rhodan Archief, Repost Mei 2020, Deel 3 van 52AdventureTonnyTonny1 week, 2 days7.75 GBNZB
ePubPerry Rhodan Archief, Repost Mei 2020, Deel 2 van 57AdventureTonnyTonny1 week, 3 days923.46 MBNZB
ePubPerry Rhodan Archief, Repost Mei 2020, Deel 1 van 59AdventureTonnyTonny1 week, 3 days6.51 GBNZB
ePubPerry Rhodan 0086 - De sleutel tot de macht (HB) (V2) (gecorrigeerde cover)13Science FictionBob1 week, 4 days582 KBNZB
ePubPerry Rhodan 0090 - Altan In Nood (HB) (V2)14Science FictionBob1 week, 4 days564 KBNZB
ePubAldiss, Brian W. - [Luitingh-SF] - De verrijzenis van Frankenstein20Science FictionSusPens1 week, 4 days494 KBNZB
ePub1Perry Rhodan 1749 - Eilanden van het leven37Science FictionPetsch0231 week, 4 days4.96 MBNZB
ePubPerry Rhodan 1748 - De vicieuze cirkel31Science FictionPetsch0231 week, 5 days3.5 MBNZB
ePubMeer dan 35000 boeken129FantasyBosbes1 week, 5 days48.63 GBNZB
ePubPerry Rhodan 1747 - Hyzzak38Science FictionPetsch0231 week, 6 days2.78 MBNZB
ePubPerry Rhodan 1746 - Het hart van de Abruse32Science FictionPetsch0232 weeks, 19 hours2.89 MBNZB
ePubApollo 04 - Ray Cummings - Banneling van de tijd [1931]18Science FictionKatteman2 weeks, 1 day651 KBNZB
ePubA.E. van Vogt - Meesterbrein12Science FictionRickP2 weeks, 1 day781 KBNZB
ePubA.E. van Vogt - De Higenroth methode11Science FictionRickP2 weeks, 2 days722 KBNZB
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