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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
FLACZac Brown Band - The Owl (2019)8CountryLockStock17 hours, 50 minutes436.47 MBNZB
MP3CDS Diversen Country Deel 1 Week 38 (2019)13CountryLockStock2 days, 16 hours1.42 GBNZB
FLACMavericks new single swingin23PopCowboyHans4 days, 14 hours30.42 MBNZB
FLAC1Mavericks new single swingin14PopCowboyHans5 days, 11 hours3 KBNZB
MP350 Years Of Country (8cd's)16CountryBSA6 days, 20 hours936.2 MBNZB
MP3Dick van Altena & Major Dundee (Band)29DutchDeSint1 week, 3 hours2.55 GBNZB
MP3Dick van Altena - Late Lente (2019)35CountryForceBall1 week, 1 day86.05 MBNZB
MP3Buck Owens - Dust On Mother's Bible7DiverseArenko1 week, 4 days71.07 MBNZB
MP3Bobby Bare - This I Believe6DiverseArenko1 week, 4 days76.81 MBNZB
MP3Bluegrass Cardinals - The Shining Path4DiverseArenko1 week, 4 days78.13 MBNZB
MP3Bluegrass Brothers - The Church Of Yesterday6DiverseArenko1 week, 4 days98.56 MBNZB
MP3BJ Thomas - I Believe6DiverseArenko1 week, 4 days78.23 MBNZB
MP3BJ Thomas - Happy Man4DiverseArenko1 week, 4 days72.81 MBNZB
MP3Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys - I'll Meet You In Church Sunday Morning2DiverseArenko1 week, 4 days75.27 MBNZB
MP3Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys - Cryin' Holy Unto The Lord3DiverseArenko1 week, 4 days71.51 MBNZB
MP3Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys - Mansions For Me4DiverseArenko1 week, 4 days70.91 MBNZB
MP3Alison Krauss & The Cox Family - I Know Who Holds Tomorrow13DiverseArenko1 week, 4 days99.61 MBNZB
MP3Black Hills Country Band - Live 19976CountryBSA1 week, 4 days51.86 MBNZB
MP3Ray Charles - Greatest Country & Western Hits (1990)17CountryBSA1 week, 4 days57.21 MBNZB
MP3VA - Country Music - A Film by Ken Burns (The Soundtrack) [Deluxe] (2019)11CountryForceBall1 week, 5 days764.41 MBNZB
MP3Trisha Yearwood = Collectie (1991-2019)7PopDeSint1 week, 6 days8.08 GBNZB
MP3Promo Only Country Radio September 201914CountryCMFE2 weeks, 1 day208.58 MBNZB
MP31Trisha Yearwood - Every Girl (2019)11CountryForceBall2 weeks, 4 days114.73 MBNZB
MP3Amber Digby (Country) - Here Come The Teardrops7CountryBSA2 weeks, 5 days81.09 MBNZB
MP3Alan Jackson (Country) - Songs Of Love And Heartache8CountryBSA2 weeks, 5 days94.16 MBNZB
MP3The Reklaws - Freshman Year (2019)1PopAmahoelala2 weeks, 5 days133.17 MBNZB
MP3Sheryl Crow – Threads (2019)26Countryruda2 weeks, 6 days208.66 MBNZB
MP3Trisha Yearwood – Every Girl (2019)13Countryruda2 weeks, 6 days138.25 MBNZB
FLACJohn Denver - Dreamland Express (LP) 1985 flac+mp39DiverseFlamengo3 weeks, 1 day1.19 GBNZB
MP3VA - 100 Country Ballads (2019)12CountryForceBall3 weeks, 2 days858.66 MBNZB
MP3100 Country Greats 2006 (5cd's)14CountryBSA3 weeks, 4 days601.78 MBNZB
MP3Alles Uit 2019.. (Deel 7)13CompilationDeSint3 weeks, 4 days759.97 MBNZB
MP3Klaus Country & Western Vol. 3012Compilationmixmaster3 weeks, 5 days253.64 MBNZB
MP3Lee Towers Country Roads15CountryBSA1 month, 1 day146.64 MBNZB
MP3Country - Augustus Deel 2 201915CountryForceBall1 month, 1 day1.63 GBNZB
MP3Dane Louis - Lone Pine (2019)5CountryForceBall1 month, 1 day80.07 MBNZB
MP3Skeeter Davis & Bobby Bare - 1965 - Country Love Duet Tunes for Two18CountryBSA1 month, 5 days119.29 MBNZB
MP3Jim Reeves - 1992 - Country Classics (The Magic Of)33CountryBSA1 month, 6 days373.62 MBNZB
MP3Country - Augustus Deel 1 201916CountryForceBall1 month, 1 week5.53 GBNZB
MP3Johnny Cash - Essentials (2019)13PopForceBall1 month, 1 week498.76 MBNZB
MP3Th'is Country - Country Stars 2011 (3cd's)8CountryBSA1 month, 1 week460.86 MBNZB
MP3Country Hits (2019)10Countryruda1 month, 2 weeks396.85 MBNZB
MP3Dierks Bentley - All The Best (2019) (eigen compilatie)16CountryCMFE1 month, 2 weeks599.47 MBNZB
MP3Rednex - Greatest Hits & Remixes (2 CD) (2019)16CountryFreeRadio1 month, 2 weeks336.6 MBNZB
MP3Brooks & Dunn - All The Best (2019) (eigen compilatie)16CountryCMFE1 month, 2 weeks565.64 MBNZB
MP3VA - My Country Vol 1,2,3,414CountryForceBall1 month, 2 weeks945.09 MBNZB
MP3Country - Juli Deel 3 201915CountryForceBall1 month, 2 weeks2.72 GBNZB
FLAC3Tammy Wynette - Queen Of Country Music (LP) 1980 flac+mp317CountryFlamengo1 month, 2 weeks848.38 MBNZB
MP3Klaus Country & Western Vol. 2919Compilationmixmaster1 month, 3 weeks255.8 MBNZB
MP3Adam Harvey - All The Best (2019) (eigen compilatie)16CountryCMFE1 month, 3 weeks810.52 MBNZB
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