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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
NAV1TTActivator-v1.10 voor TomTom kaart update nav3 en ouwe tomtom's54System softwarekappa3 months, 4 weeks13.37 MBNZB
NAVTTActivator-v1.10 voor TomTom kaart update nave3 en ouwe tomtom's12System softwarekappa3 months, 4 weeks13.37 MBNZB
NAVTomtom nav3 kaart updaten25System softwarekappa3 months, 4 weeks9.16 MBNZB
NAVTomTom Kaarten Benelux 1050 10177 en 1050 1022649System softwareartdir4 months, 2 days260.66 MBNZB
NAVFietsroute Maas53Graphicsterrin4 months, 4 weeks16.84 MBNZB
NAVFietsroutes rondje Nederland63Graphicsterrin5 months, 1 week31.42 MBNZB
NAVTomTom NDS 1 7 6 b 53455System softwareYarda5 months, 1 week255.58 MBNZB
NAV1TomTom NDS 1.7.6.b73SpotnetYarda5 months, 2 weeks307.88 MBNZB
NAVFietsroute: Rondje Belgie41Graphicsterrin5 months, 2 weeks20.3 MBNZB
NAVNavigon for wince Navigon Europe MN7 & MN8 Europe Q2 202035System softwareRob33336 months, 18 hours5.3 GBNZB
NAVIGO Maps 2019 Q424CommunicationLazurusNavi6 months, 1 day7.46 GBNZB
NAVIGo-Primo 2.4-9.6.13 voor Opa52System softwareRob33336 months, 5 days2.26 GBNZB
NAVMio moov & Navman IGO Primo (met kaart)3System softwarePinsoft6 months, 6 days1.84 GBNZB
NAVIGo-Primo 2.4-9.6.1326System softwareRob33336 months, 1 week1.48 GBNZB
NAV1IGO HERE Europe en RUSLAND 2019 Q470System softwareRob33336 months, 2 weeks7.47 GBNZB
NAVRT6 SMEG SMEGSMEG IV2 WIP NavSpeedcams 2020 0217System softwareMEatYOU7 months, 1 day4.8 MBNZB
NAVTomTom TTActivator-v1.8 voor nieuwe kaarten 1045 plus speedcams map105System softwarekappa7 months, 1 day7.42 MBNZB
NAVIGO Primo - HERE Europe 2019 Q2 (windows ce)40GraphicsRoute7 months, 4 days7.16 GBNZB
NAVBmw cic fsc generator5System softwaremicpat7 months, 3 weeks7.27 MBNZB
NAVBMW cic fsc generator 1.910System softwaremicpat7 months, 3 weeks7.32 MBNZB
NAVBMW CIC Maps Western Europe Premium 2020-134System softwaremicpat7 months, 3 weeks18.19 GBNZB
NAVGarmin CN Midden Europe 2020.30 2GB13System softwareGarmin17 months, 3 weeks1.37 GBNZB
NAVGarmin CN Midden Europe 2020.30 2GB6System softwareGarmin17 months, 3 weeks1.37 GBNZB
NAVGarmin CN West Europe NTU 2020.30 2GB16System softwareGarmin17 months, 3 weeks1.34 GBNZB
NAVGarmin CN West Europe NTU 2020.3021System softwareGarmin17 months, 3 weeks2.9 GBNZB
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