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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
x264HD2Cloud Atlas (2012)44_Sp[A]nX_7 years, 6 months12.93 GBNZB
x264HDSintel (2010) 1080p0Animation--BlackiE--9 years, 9 monthsn/a    
x264HDThe Time Travelers Wife (2009) 1080p0Drama-Danny-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDTime Traveler''s Wife (2009) 1080p0Drama-Danny-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDSerious Moonlight (2009) 1080p0Comedy-Danny-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDThe White Ribbon (2009) 1080p0Drama-Danny-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDThe Lovely Bones (2009) 1080p0Drama-Danny-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDHouse Broken (2009) 720p0Comedy-Danny-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDLeap Year (2010) 1080p0Comedy-Danny-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDExtraordinary Measures (2010) 720p0Drama-Danny-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDTerminator Salvation (2009) (720p/DTS)0Action-erik-1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDThe Hangover (Unrated) (2009)0Comedy-erik-1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDFanboys (2008) (720p/DTS)0Adventure-erik-1 decade, 3 monthsn/a    
x264HDThe Cove (2009) (720p/DTS)0Documentary-erik-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDCase 39 (2009) (1080p/DTS)0Horror-erik-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDRec 2 (2009) (1080p/DTS)0Horror-erik-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDWrong Side Of Town (2010) (1080p/DTS)0Action-erik-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDRec (2007) (1080p/DTS)0Horror-erik-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDK-1 World GP In Yokohama (2010) (720p)0Sport-erik-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDLegion (2010) (1080p/DTS)0Fantasy-erik-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDDaybreakers (2009) (1080p/DTS)0Action-erik-1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
x264HDThe Crazies (2010) (1080p)0Horror-erik-1 decade, 2 weeksn/a    
x264HDInception (2010) (1080p/DTS)0Science Fiction-erik-9 years, 7 monthsn/a    
x264HDYou're Not You (2014) 1080p Blu-ray x264 DTS NLSubs -HZUU-5Drama-HZUU-5 years, 1 month7.98 GBNZB
x264HDYou're Not You (2014) 1080p Blu-ray x264 DTS NLSubs -HZUU- TEST !!7Drama-HZUU-5 years, 1 month7.98 GBNZB
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