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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
NDS[3DS] Sonic BOOM Fire And Ice (EUR) (MULTi5)10ActionSpanny3 years, 1 month2.2 GBNZB
NDS[3DS] Tomodachi Life - Nederlandstalige versie4AdventureNintendoFan2 years, 3 months450 MBNZB
NDSPokemon Rumble World EUR MULTi5 3DS-PUSSYCAT5ActionMoFu3 years, 9 months174.9 MBNZB
NDSFinal Fantasy Explorers EUR MULTi2 3DS-PUSSYCAT8ActionMoFu3 years, 9 months775.56 MBNZB
NDS3DS - Metroid Prime Federation Force (EUR MULTI5)6ActionSpanny3 years, 2 months1.43 GBNZB
NDS[3DS] Pokemon Sun (.3DS) RF29ActionSpanny2 years, 9 months3 KBNZB
NDS[3DS] Pokemon Moon 4GB (.3DS) RF (werkt op sky3ds+)23ActionSpanny2 years, 9 months3 KBNZB
NDS[3DS] Dragon Ball Fusions (RF)17ActionSpanny2 years, 9 months3 KBNZB
NDS[3DS] Yo-Kai Watch 2 - Bony Spirits (AUS {werkt op EUR console})3ActionSpanny3 years, 1 month2.22 GBNZB
NDS[3DS] Yo-Kai Watch 2 - Fleshy Souls (AUS {werkt op EUR console})8ActionSpanny3 years, 1 month2.22 GBNZB
NDS[3DS] Shantae and the Pirates Curse (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)7ActionSpanny3 years, 3 weeks563.79 MBNZB
NDSEtrian Odyssey 4: Legends of the Titan + Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl (EUR)1ActionSpanny3 years, 9 months1.68 GBNZB
NDSEtrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight + Etrian Mystery Dungeon (EUR 3DS)2ActionSpanny3 years, 9 months1.64 GBNZB
NDSBravely Default + Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS)16ActionSpanny3 years, 9 months4.83 GBNZB
NDSNintendo DS Rom Collection - 397 of the best games + Translations15ActionTheChup1 year, 3 months18.77 GBNZB
NDS[3DS] 7th Dragon III - Code VFD - Pussycat11ActionSpanny2 years, 11 months2.2 GBNZB
NDS1[3DS] SEGA 3D Classics Collection (Europe)14ActionSpanny3 years, 1 week282.76 MBNZB
NDS6 nieuwe 3DS spellen24ActionReetVeter2 years, 3 weeks8.34 GBNZB
NDS3DS-ROMS EUROPA 1237 t/m 1451 *offlinelist*32Actionricardoo3 years, 8 months50.85 GBNZB
NDSTerraria v1.0.0 (EUR MULTI5 3DS LiGHTFORCE)19Actioncopyitright3 years, 8 months176.93 MBNZB
NDSPetz Fantasy 3D v1.1 EUR MULTi9 3DS-PUSSYCAT1Child/youthMoFu3 years, 9 months121.94 MBNZB
NDS[3DS] Picross 3D - Round 2 (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)6PuzzleSpanny2 years, 11 months281.75 MBNZB
NDSRayman Origins v1 1 EUR MULTi6 3DS-PUSSYCAT2AdventureMoFu3 years, 10 months262.62 MBNZB
NDSYo-Kai Watch EUR 3DS-PUSSYCAT1AdventureMoFu3 years, 9 months1015.42 MBNZB
NDSLEGO Marvels Avengers EUR GERMAN MULTi7 3DS-PUSSYCAT10AdventureMoFu3 years, 9 months564.58 MBNZB
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