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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
NDSThe Legend Of Zelda Spirit Tracks M3 real Patched0ActionzWiiper1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
NDSGame & watch collection0OtherzWiiper1 decade, 2 monthsn/a    
NDS14565 - Het huis Anubis R4 fix (NL)0AdventurezWiiper1 decade, 1 monthn/a    
WiiBrothers in Arms: Earned in Blood (pal)0ActionzWiiper1 decade, 1 monthn/a    
WiiBrothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 (pal)0ActionzWiiper1 decade, 1 monthn/a    
NDSWalkthrough New Super Mario Bros. DS0PlatformzWiiper1 decade, 1 monthn/a    
WiiMario Kart Wii0RacezWiiper1 decade, 1 monthn/a    
WiiDe Blob (pal)0ActionzWiiper1 decade, 1 monthn/a    
WiiExcite Truck0RacezWiiper1 decade, 1 monthn/a    
WiiPeppa Pig: The Game0AdventurezWiiper1 decade, 1 monthn/a    
WiiGoosebumps Horrorland0OtherzWiiper1 decade, 1 monthn/a    
WiiMario Party 4 t/m 7 multiboot for Wii0OtherzWiiper1 decade, 1 monthn/a    
WiiNew Super Mario Bros PAL patched unscrubbed0PlatformzWiiper1 decade, 3 weeksn/a    
WiiWing Island0ActionzWiiper1 decade, 3 weeksn/a    
WiiCrash Mind Over Mutant PAL0ActionzWiiper1 decade, 3 weeksn/a    
NDS5221 - Call Of Duty: Black Ops (EU) patched0ActionzWiiper9 years, 6 monthsn/a    
WiiMotoGP 08 PAL0Racezweverd1 decade, 1 monthn/a    
WiiFamily Trainer: Outdoor Collection PAL0OtherZonnestraal_1place1 decade, 1 monthn/a    
NDS4335 - SimAnimals Africa0Child/youthzon_jeroen1 decade, 4 monthsn/a    
WiiKawasaki Quad Bikes0Racezon_jeroen1 decade, 4 monthsn/a    
WiiWii Ware - Protothea0Actionzon_jeroen1 decade, 4 monthsn/a    
WiiWii Ware - PictureBook Games: A Pop-Up Adventure0Child/youthzon_jeroen1 decade, 4 monthsn/a    
WiiVirtual Console - Shinobi0Otherzon_jeroen1 decade, 4 monthsn/a    
WiiSecret Saturdays: Beasts Of The 5th Sun0Adventurezon_jeroen1 decade, 4 monthsn/a    
WiiLittlest Pet Shop Friends0Child/youthzon_jeroen1 decade, 4 monthsn/a    
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