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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
GBACollection off 165 GBA roms + Emulator11ActionTheChup1 year, 7 months811.59 MBNZB
GBACollection off all GameBoy Color games + Emulator16ActionTheChup1 year, 7 months248.28 MBNZB
GBACollection off all GameBoy games + Emulator6ActionTheChup1 year, 7 months79.76 MBNZB
GBADragonball Z (Game Boy Advance Games)1ActionDefine5 years, 1 month41.57 MBNZB
GBAPokemon Game Boy Adventure Games7AdventureToine7 years, 8 months1.36 MBNZB
GBAPokemon GBA games11RoleplayingDopefish8 years, 3 months282.96 MBNZB
GBAPokemon GameboyColor Games1RoleplayingDopefish8 years, 3 months30.18 MBNZB
GBAPokemon gameboy games3RoleplayingDopefish8 years, 3 months30.23 MBNZB
GBAPokemon flora sky hack van pokemon emerald0Actionpr3stge8 years, 3 months8.83 MBNZB
GBAPokemon Flora Sky (ENG) Emerald hack9ActionBertha8 years, 3 months18.53 MBNZB
GBA1GBA COLLECTIE spot0Actionmij8 years, 5 months40.27 MBNZB
GBADyasty warriors advance2Actionhoi8 years, 5 months7.59 MBNZB
GBA9FTDWorld - BECAUSE WE ARE UNTOUCHABLE!0PlatformFTDWorld9 years, 1 month1.56 GBNZB
GBACommand & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars0Actionjefmen9 years, 3 months5.68 GBNZB
GBAGround Environment X Europe FSX4SimulationFlyingdutchyNL9 years, 3 months612 KBNZB
GBAKustom Mario Kart Wii (KMKE01) (NTSC)2RaceIdefix19769 years, 4 months1.2 MBNZB
GBA1De sims 30Child/youthido4359 years, 4 months21.56 GBNZB
GBA29607 Unsorted (old) Emulators0Actionsubmarines9 years, 4 months648 KBNZB
GBASamantha Swift - Fountains of Fate0OtherKwiebus659 years, 4 months219.66 MBNZB
GBAMini Peggle USA0Dick429 years, 4 months34.18 MBNZB
GBAMafia II V1.001 [Steam + Normal] Plus 5 Trainer0ActionKonijn619 years, 5 months164 KBNZB
GBANintendo Game Boy & Game Boy Color Roms Compleet (6933 roms)0xandecs9 years, 5 months1.14 GBNZB
GBAGamecube Disk 1050Actionkale739 years, 6 months2.39 GBNZB
GBABig Mountain Snowboarding v1.21 (AnDroiD)0Otherandrehazes19 years, 6 monthsn/a    
GBATraffic Giant Tycoon [Portable]0Simulationxesior9 years, 7 monthsn/a    
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