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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
WINPixARK.MULTi11-ElAmigos0AdventureThePingPong11 hours, 5 minutes1.49 GBNZB
WINVacation Adventures Cruise Director 6 NL8AdventureKwiebus6518 hours, 15 minutes547.52 MBNZB
WINBloom! 2 A Bouquet for Everyone NL1AdventureKwiebus6518 hours, 31 minutes109.17 MBNZB
WINBloom! 1 Deel bloemen met de wereld NL1AdventureKwiebus6518 hours, 40 minutes104.86 MBNZB
WINDarkarta A Broken Heart's Quest CE20AdventureKwiebus652 days, 10 hours1.86 GBNZB
WINTerminator Resistance16ActionHoodlum2 days, 18 hours10.47 GBNZB
WINRedemption Cemetery - The Stolen Time Collector's Edition27Adventuresnaterke2 days, 21 hours1.21 GBNZB
WINA Plague Tale Innocence MULTi11-ElAmigos4ActionThePingPong2 days, 23 hours13.52 GBNZB
WINRoyal Detective (6) - The Last Charm Collector's Edition8AdventureHoodlum5 days, 9 hours1.33 GBNZB
WINShopping Clutter 4 - A Perfect Thanksgiving9AdventureHoodlum5 days, 14 hours193.77 MBNZB
WINHarrowed Halls 1 - Lakeview Lane CE - NL18AdventureKwiebus656 days, 18 hours1.68 GBNZB
WINMurder on The Orient Express18AdventureHoodlum1 week, 1 hour998.99 MBNZB
WINSteampunker7AdventureHoodlum1 week, 1 hour1.33 GBNZB
WINDarkness and Flame 4 Enemy in Reflection CE20AdventureKwiebus651 week, 1 day1.4 GBNZB
WINChessboard Kingdoms4ActionHoodlum1 week, 1 day1.29 GBNZB
WINTreasure Seekers Bundel10AdventureKwiebus651 week, 2 days614.24 MBNZB
WINHolly 2 Magic Land NL12AdventureKwiebus651 week, 2 days40.38 MBNZB
WINHolly 1 A Christmas Tale NL10AdventureKwiebus651 week, 2 days30.82 MBNZB
WINClutter IX – Clutter IXtreme NL13AdventureKwiebus651 week, 2 days396.31 MBNZB
WINJUMANJI The Video Game13ActionDefine1 week, 2 days2.45 GBNZB
WINThe Story of Henry Bishop7AdventureHoodlum1 week, 2 days6 GBNZB
WINPayday 2 Border Crossing Heist2AdventureHoodlum1 week, 2 days19.97 GBNZB
WINKings Heir - Rise To The Throne Collector's Edition21Adventuresnaterke1 week, 2 days866.11 MBNZB
WINRite of Passage - Bloodlines Collector's Edition19Adventuresnaterke1 week, 2 days695.78 MBNZB
WINMagnificent Seal5AdventureHoodlum1 week, 3 days133.18 MBNZB
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